Game Dev Days Graz is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development: connecting industry, indies, academia, research.

Check out the Call for Lightning Talks and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

The event is free to attend, but the number of places is limited and advance registration is required.

GDDG18: Call for Lightning Talks

We are now accepting the second wave of talk submissions for lightning talks. Lightning talks are very focused 7-10 minute talks presented sequentially. The idea of a lightning talk is to briefly present main points and ideas. Please submit your proposal by July 25 2018. We will send notifications on July 31, 2018.

Please SUBMIT your entry by July 25, 2018.

GDDG18: Game Submissions

We are now accepting game submissions for the on-site exhibition. The exhibition space is limited. The space is allocated based on a first-come first serve principle. So try to submit your games early. The submission form is open until August 15, 2018.


Register is now open! Tickets are free but limited!!


Smart Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday will be the "smart" days. These days are all about developer talks, workshops, presenting games, and hearing about the local game industry.

Friday 14:00 - 22:00, TU Graz, Talks, Games
Saturday 2.9. 09:00 - 22:00, TU Graz, Talks, Games, + Aftershow Party


Sunny Social Sunday

For Sunday we have planned an optional social event: a wine tasting tour + lunch at a typical "Buschenschank" in the south of Styria.

Sunday 2.9. 10:00 - 17:00, Price for the game-dev-tour-bus to the locations: 15 EUR / person. (to be payed on Friday or Saturday at the registration desk)

Registration (very limited): RESERVE YOUR TICKET

We will start with the bus 10:00 at Inffeldgasse and come back around 17:00!

- Details: tba - depends on our time-management (times can still change!)

Ivan Buchta, a Czech national with background in environmental sciences, has been working on the Bohemia Interactive's Arma series since 2006, specializing in delivering authentic environments for the tactical mil-sim games. He took part in finalization of Arma 1 (Armed Assault), pioneered the usage of geodata in the production of Arma terrains, worked as lead designer in Arma 2 and its Operation Arrowhead DLC, and assumed role of creative director of Arma 3. He also took major part in the design of environment for DayZ survival MMO.

Talks, talks, talks!

Rapid wisdom!

Graham is the Founder of Player Research, an award-winning UX research studio based in Brighton, UK and Montreal, Canada. Player Research help studios see their game from the players' perspective by testing assumptions, validating design decisions, and providing evidence on the player experience throughout development. Graham is a BAFTA Games member and has written regular columns on user research for EDGE and http://GamesIndustry.biz . Their clients include EA, Tencent, NaturalMotion, Sony, Microsoft, Nordeus, Outfit7, and Creative Assembly among many others.

0xa000 was the place to be in the 90ies, free of the shackles of an oppressive operating system, with almost full control of the machine. Then came the HAL, hardware accelerated 3D graphics, and Windows 95. Until a smart person realized browsers are operating systems, and games would work "just fine", sending millions of people farming virtual goods. Oh, and a little rectangle called the iPhone entered the stage, quickly followed by a different set of rectangles featuring a green robot. Who'd have guessed that in 2018, we'd put phone displays in headsets and stare at them through Fresnel lenses at 2cm distance? Not this guy. Join me in staring into the abyss of 20 years of indie and hobbyist game development. Relieve the joy of yellow on green terminal IDEs, poking at memory addresses, immediate mode 3D graphics APIs, broken multi-touch screens and VR nausea.

  • Graham

    Mario Zechner

    Esoteric Software, libGDX, Spine

    Mario has been doing stuff with computers for 20 years. He worked in R&D, pushed papers around as a manager, did the startup dance in gaming, did the startup dance in compilers and mobile development tools, wrote a book, wrote a blog, wrote a big OSS game development framework, and is ranting on Twitter a lot. He's currently helping out with Esoteric Software's Spine and other projects. Mario has seen some shit.

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Graz University of Technology

Lecture Theatre i7
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